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Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning For Your CT and NY Home


EfficientA simple way to help reduce the energy costs associated with heating and cooling your CT and NY home is to consider installing new energy efficient heating and cooling systems or an energy efficient upgrade to your existing system from the energy efficiency pros at 20/20 Air.  We're already the trusted choice in other CT and NY homes and you can read what other delighted customers have to say on this page here.


1.  Save Money with Cutting-Edge Energy Efficiency Technology

The cost of upgrading your existing heating or air conditioning system could easily be offset by the long-term savings a newer, state-of-the art energy efficient system could net you. With energy costs rising every year, it is even more important to ensure you can continue to keep your family comfortable without blowing the budget.  A modern air conditioner with a 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) uses half the amount of energy to reach the desired temperature than an older 10 SEER system.

Likewise, modern heating systems are able to reach an AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization) rating of up to 95%+ compared to previous models which could only reach 65% AFUE. The higher the percentage, the less energy input is wasted. At 20/20 Air we can advise which heating and cooling systems would best suit your home and budget and you can start reducing your utility bill now and into the future.


2.  Expert Installations

To ensure your system reaches its maximum potential output, it is essential to have it professionally installed. At 20/20 Air our team of technicians can expertly install your new system quickly and on-time, at a time most convenient to you. We will also make sure that the new system is correctly sized and placed in the best location to ensure you get as many years of efficient heating or cooling for you and your family as possible from your new system.


3.  Regular Maintenance

To ensure your cooling or heating system continues to operate at optimum output and efficiency levels we recommend regular maintenance checks to reduce the risks of unnecessary breakdowns and helping to ensure you enjoy a continuous and reliable service.


4.  All-Of-Home Zoning

For total control, comfort and convenience consider an all-of-home zoning add-on feature for your existing heating or air conditioning system. With all-of-home zoning you can individually control the desired temperature of each room or zone or choose not to heat or cool rooms that aren't in use, helping to reduce your energy consumption at the press of a button. Read more here.


5.  Digital Programmable Thermostats

The EPA recommends the installation and use of a digital programmable thermostat as an easy way to reduce your energy consumption. A digital thermostat allows a desired temperature to be pre-programmed into the system, so that it can be set to the ideal level or to come on when you are asleep or out of the house.  The advantage is that the system need not have to run at full speed on a winter's night, or run all day long for your home to be comfortable when you need it.


For the best in energy efficient solutions and installations for your home in CT and NY call and speak with the friendly team at 20/20 Air today.

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