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Humidity Control Experts in CT and NY


ControlTake control of the comfort level in your home with a humidity control solution from 20/20 Air. With first class service and professionalism discover why we're already the experts of choice in other CT and NY homes for their humidity control needs:


Why Humidity Control is Important

FriendlyHumidity describes the moisture content of the air. If the humidity is too high our sweat doesn't evaporate into the air to cool us down, making us feel hotter than the actual temperature.  When humidity is low the air becomes too dry making it harder to breathe. 20/20 Air can provide advice and solutions that will keep humidity under control in your home – whatever the season.


Home Dehumidification

If your home has too much condensation on the windows, or you have damp areas or have found mold then your home may have too much moisture. A whole house dehumidification system from 20/20 Air is the ideal solution to remove excess moisture and return your home to a comfortable living environment for you and your family. Also, having less moisture in your home will reduce cooling costs during the warmer weather.


Home Humidification

If the air in your home is too dry it could be causing breathing harshness for your family, especially young infants or those with existing breathing difficulties. It could even be damaging your home itself. Dry air can cause structural damage and split wooden furniture which might result in expensive repairs or replacements. 20/20 Air can provide a complete humidification solution which will make the air more comfortable and could reduce your heating costs in winter by making the air feel warmer.


Humidity Control at the Touch of a Button

A wall mounted control panel gives you complete, convenient control of your home’s humidity all year round at the touch of a button.


Professional Service

Our team of dedicated technicians pride themselves on providing you with a level of service that is second to none.  They have the skill and experience to solve your humidity issues by offering a complete solution to suit your humidity control needs.


Expert Quote

We can perform a full assessment of your home’s humidity levels and provide a full quote on all new humidity control system installations.


For all your home's humidity control needs in CT and NY areas call and speak with the friendly air quality experts at 20/20 Air today.

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